The childcare register

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The childcare register

Post  Claire on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:25 am

I have put together this information sheet to about the registration system for the compulsory and/or voluntary parts of the Childcare Register. If you have any questions about the contents then please get in touch,
The Childcare Register is for people for whom registration is either:
 compulsory: because they care for children aged from 1 September following their fifth birthday up to the age of eight and at least one individual child attends for a total of more than two hours in any one day
 voluntary: because they care for children for whom compulsory registration is not required, for two or more hours in any one day; or for a period less than two hours where this includes care immediately before or after a school day. This includes:
 home childcarers such as nannies (who care for the children of no more than two families at the home of one of the children) caring for children from birth until their eighteenth birthday
 providers who care for children aged eight or over, until their eighteenth birthday
 activity-based provision like sports coaching for children of all ages
By joinging the childcare register it means that: I have made a declaration that I will meet, or will meet requirements relating to people, premises and provision. Ofsted carries out checks with the Criminal Records Bureau and local authority children’s services departments before making a decision on whether to grant registration.
As a registered providers I will be monitored through inspections carried out on a random basis or when parents tell us they have concerns about the care provided.
Parents who use registered childcarers may be eligible to claim the childcare element of working families tax credits.
For more information please contact Ofsted
Royal Exchange Buildings
St Ann’s Square
M2 7LA

T: 0300 123 1231
Textphone: 0161 618 8524


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