Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)

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Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)

Post  Claire on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:59 am

I have been lucky enough to gain a place on a funded 6-month EYPS course based in York in September. It will not effect the days I care for any children as it is mainly home based with the study sessions on occasional Fridays (when I am free in September anyway).

This is from the government website on what EYPS are...."The Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) is a professional status for practitioners that work with children aged 0-5. EYPs are graduate level practitioners who recognise their role in improving the experiences and life-chances of children and in maximising their opportunities. They make decisions based on the depth of their knowledge of the EYFS and of relevant theories and research. They are alive to changing circumstances and respond flexibly with children’s interests at heart. They review, analyse and evaluate their own and others’ practice and thus judge whether they are making a difference to the wellbeing, learning and development of children in their own and their colleagues’ care."

I will receive training in:

experience in a range of settings for children aged up to five year
• development and learning in 0–5 age group
• presentation skills
• leadership skills
• assessment in the early years foundation stage
• parent partnership
• working with sector professionals including speech and language therapists

The only differences you may notice, which I hope are positive for you are:
- I'll have more inspections as part of the assessment process
- I will receive more government funding to buy additional resources
- Hopefully I will gain even more ideas and knowledge that will benefit you and your children
- I will be mentoring and working with other childminders so your children may meet and play with other children too

I am very excited to have got a place on this course as I will be the first childminder in the Selby area to do this.

If you have any questions let me know.


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